Game Development News & Links

New C4 Engine Demo Available for Download

Serious Sam II Developer Diary – Part I

Mesa v6.3 Released

ionForge Evolution 2.5 Now Available

Unigine v0.32 Released

C# Programming Contest 3

PowerHSR visibility library v0.1 beta available

zfxCON05 Conference - Submission Deadline Extended

FPC 4 GBA Initiative

Pixelglow Software Launches macstl 0.3

DirectX, Longhorn and the Future of Windows Gaming

NVShaderPerf and NVPerfHUD Utility Updates

NVIDIA OpenGL 2.0 Support Release Notes

Radeon SDK June 2005 Released

OpenVIDIA v0.8.0 Released Acquires NeHe Productions

New Sokoban Sounds From IndieSFX

zfxCON05 - Registration Open and 2nd Call for Papers