Game Development News & Links

NVIDIA's SIGGRAPH 2005 Presentations Now Available

Valve Hammer RMF File Importer for 3DS Max Released

Managed HLSL Skinning

IncrediBuild v2.40 (with Xbox 360 Support) Released

Development roadmap of Unigine v0.4

Graphical C# Contest

FMOD Ex Released

NaturalMotion Announces endorphin 2.5

SONY and NVIDIA Become Khronos Promoting Members

DirectX 9.0 SDK (August 2005 Update) Released

Practicing Law in the Games Business

EaseExport 2.0 Released

NVIDIA SDK 9.5 Released

PlayStation 3 to Use OpenGL ES, Cg, and Collada

NVIDIA Releases Convolution Filters Sample