Game Development News & Links

NVIDIA's Iron Developer 2005 Slides Now Available

OpenGL Reflection Demo using EXT_framebuffer_object

Pixelglow Software Launches macstl 0.3

T2 - Terrain Texture Creation v1.40 Released

FreeImage 3.8.0 Released

DefColStudio - Interactive Deformable Modeling Framework

Windows Graphics Foundation to be DirectX 10

NVIDIA Posts SIGGRAPH 2005 Videos

New Release of Ca3D-Engine

The State of Linux Graphics

Wizaid demonstrates PVS for cityscapes

SDL v1.2.9 Released

OglExt v1.2.0 Released, Adding OpenGL 2.0 Support

Irrlicht Engine 0.12.0 Released

Quake 3 Source Code Released

Realistic-looking Nature Scene Demo

Dynamic Level-of-Detail on the GPU

Boost C++ v1.33.0 Released

zfxCON05 Conference - Preliminary Program Online